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Ticket #10026 designado (#10026#)

Autor: Jung Spence (endereço de IP:,
E-mail: jung.spence@googlemail.com
Cool website!

Hello o2led.com.br Webmaster.

My name’s Jung, and I recently found your site – o2led.com.br – while browsing the net. You showed up at the peak of the search results, so I checked you out. Appears like what you’re doing is very cool.

But if you don’t mind me inquiring – after someone like me stumbles across o2led.com.br, what normally happens?

Is your site producing leads for your company?

I’m assuming some, but I also gamble you’d like more… studies show that 7 out 10 who land on a site wind up leaving without a trace.

Not good.

Here’s a thought – what if there was an simple way for every visitor to “elevate their hand” to get a phone call from you INSTANTLY… the second they hit your site and said, “call me now.”

You can –

Web Visitor is a software widget that’s functions on your site, prepared to catch any visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number. It allows you know IMMEDIATELY – so that you can talk to that lead while they’re actually looking your site.

CLICK HERE https://turboleadgeneration.com to experiment with a Live Demo with Web Visitor now to see exactly how it works.

Time is money when it comes to connecting with leads – the difference between contacting someone within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes later can be huge – like 100 times better!

That’s why we constructed our new SMS Text With Lead attribute because once you’ve captured the visitor’s phone number, you can automatically start a text message (SMS) conversation.

Consider the possibilities – even if you don’t close a deal then and there, you can follow-up with text messages for new offers, content links, even just “how you doing?” notes to construct a relationship.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

CLICK HERE https://turboleadgeneration.com to discover what Web Visitor can do for your business

You could be converting up to 100X more leads today!

PS: Web Visitor offers FREE 14 days trial – and it even comprises Long Distance Calling.
You have customers waiting to talk with you right now… don’t keep them waiting.
CLICK HERE https://turboleadgeneration.com to try Visitor now.

If you’d like to unsubscribe click here https://turboleadgeneration.com/unsubscribe.aspx?d=o2led.com.br

Simply a swift notification – the monikers and email address employed in this message, Jung and Spence, are stand-ins and not authentic contact information. We cherish openness and desired to ensure you are aware of this! If you desire to get in touch with the true entity responsible for this note, do visit our website, and we’ll connect you with the correct person.

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